The Cameo String Quartet of The Fylde


"That Special Touch" 


Our Fees

The usual contract time for the Cameo Quartet is 3 hours for Weddings and 2 hours for other Functions. Variations to terms regarding fee/contract time are negotiable. Standard fees are charged as follows:

1. Wedding Service, Drinks Reception and entry part of Wedding Dinner: £480 
2. Wedding Drinks Reception and Dinner (before speeches) £400
3. Special Musical Arrangement of a Piece of your choice (subject to scope and length): £30 to £100+ depending also on issues of copyright etc.
4. Functions Dinners etc: £450
5. Bona Fide Charity Events: £0 to maximum of £550, depending on nature, profile and scope of event: e.g. a charity event sponsored by a major bank will differ substantial from a local church prayer and meditation event (Please discuss with us). Where no charge is levied, a token donation to travel expenses would be appreciated.

Payment by cash or cheque (received at least 7 days prior to event). We regret we cannot accept card payments.